Rocker Faves 2014-15: Denis Ten 2015 Four Continents free

As the 2015-2016 season approaches, some of us are feeling like we need a trip down memory lane, and others of us are feeling a little antsy for skating competition. In the next couple of weeks, I'm bringing you some of my favorites from last season (in no particular order).

What were your favorites of last season? Sound off in the comments section below!

As much as Denis Ten's surprise silver at 2013 Worlds and (still) surprise bronze in Sochi were impressive, I always categorized those two sets of performances as flukes rather than the norm. After all, this is a skater who, with all his potential, was always hair-pullingly inconsistent. Ten won that World medal in 2013 without ever finishing higher than fifth at a Grand Prix and sixth at Four Continents. And as artistic of a skater as he has been, I just never really felt the conviction from him - there was always something quite introverted about the way he skated his programs.

That was until last season happened. Something clicked, especially with this free skate. There was a spark in his eyes, an understanding of audience connection, and just an all-around sense of confidence that we had never seen before. This performance at Four Continents was the ultimate statement - and it marked a turning point for him with the international judging panel. His PCS will never suffer again.