2016 Japan Open play-by-play/results

1. Team Japan - 637.65
3. Team Europe - 595.66
3. Team North America - 574.20

Ladies free (FINAL)
1. Evgenia Medvedeva RUS - 147.07 (76.16, 70.91)
2. Satoko Miyahara JPN - 143.39 (74.86, 68.53)
3. Ashley Wagner USA - 132.12 (63.60, 68.52)
4. Anna Pogorilaya RUS - 132.04 (66.85, 65.19)
5. Wakaba Higuchi JPN - 116.99 (57.17, 59.82)
6. Gracie Gold USA - 108.24 (47.88, 62.36, -2.00)

Evgenia Medvedeva RUS - triple flip-triple toe, triple lutz, triple loop, triple flip, double axel-double toe-double toe, triple salchow-triple toe, double axel

Satoko Miyahara JPN - triple loop, triple lutz-triple toe, triple flip, triple lutz-double toe-double loop, double axel-triple toe, triple salchow, double axel

Ashley Wagner USA - double axel, triple flip-triple toe (underrotated?), double axel, triple loop-half loop-triple salchow (underrotated?), triple flip, triple loop, triple lutz (two-foot)-single toe

Anna Pogorilaya RUS - triple lutz-triple toe (hand down), triple flip, single axel, triple lutz-half loop-triple salchow, triple loop-double toe, triple loop, double axel

Wakaba Higuchi JPN - triple lutz-triple toe, triple loop, double salchow, double axel, single lutz, triple flip-double toe, double axel-double toe-double loop

Gracie Gold USA - double axel, triple lutz-triple toe (fall), triple loop (fall), waxel, triple lutz, double flip-single toe, triple salchow

Men's free (FINAL)
1. Shoma Uno JPN - 198.55 (109.55, 90.00, -1.00)
2. Javier Fernandez ESP - 192.20 (98.08, 94.12)
3. Nobunari Oda JPN - 178.72 (93.58, 85.14)
4. Jeremy Abbott USA - 166.99 (79.49, 87.59)
5. Adam Rippon USA - 166.85 (83.33, 84.52, -1.00)
6. Florent Amodio FRA - 124.35 (47.57, 76.78)

Shoma Uno JPN - quad flip, quad toe (fall), triple loop, triple axel-triple toe, quad toe-double toe, triple lutz, triple axel-half loop-triple flip, triple salchow

Adam Rippon USA - quad lutz (downgrade, fall), triple flip-triple toe, triple axel-single toe, triple axel, triple lutz-double toe-double loop, triple loop (hangs on), triple lutz, triple salchow

Javier Fernandez ESP - quad toe, quad salchow-triple toe, triple axel-double toe, quad salchow (hangs on), double axel, triple lutz, triple flip-half loop-double salchow, triple loop (step out)

Nobunari Oda JPN - quad toe-triple toe, triple lutz, triple axel-double toe, triple axel, triple lutz-half loop-triple salchow, triple flip (edge?), triple loop (step out), double axel

Jeremy Abbott USA - triple lutz, triple toe, triple flip-single loop, triple axel, triple axel-half loop-triple salchow, triple lutz-single toe, double axel, double axel

Florent Amodio FRA - triple salchow, double axel, triple axel (step out), triple lutz-double toe, double axel, double lutz-double toe

Competition will be at 1 p.m. local time; TV Tokyo will be broadcasting (tape delay) at 5:30 a.m. ET / 6:30 p.m. Japan

Streaming link here: http://mov3.co/en/tvtokyo/

Skate order
- Florent Amodio FRA
- Jeremy Abbott USA
- Nobunari Oda JPN
- Javier Fernandez ESP
- Adam Rippon USA
- Shoma Uno JPN
- Gracie Gold USA
- Wakaba Higuchi JPN
- Anna Pogorilaya RUS
- Ashley Wagner USA
- Satoko Miyahara JPN
- Evgenia Medvedeva RUS

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