2017 Rostelecom Cup practice notes!


Complete: FS practice 11:35 a.m.

Medvedeva: 2A

Higuchi: 2A, 3Lo

Radionova: 3F, 3Lo, 3F, 2Lz2T, 2Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 

Sakamoto: 1A, 3S, 3Lz(e), 3F(turn)

Tursynbaeva: 3S3T, 3Lo, 3F, 3F2T, 1Lz

Kostner no-show

Nagasu: 3F, 3Lz, 3F3T, 3F3T, 3S, 3A, 3A, 2A3T2T, 3Lo, runthru (3A(ur?), 3F3T, 3S, 2A3T(ur?)2T, 3Lz, 3Lo2T, 3Lo), 3F3T, 3A(ur?), 3A(ur), 3S, 3S

Bell: 2A, 3F2T, 3Lz, runthru (marked jumps), 3Lo, 3Lz1T, 3Lz(ur,fall)

Mikhailova: 2A, 3S, 3Lz, 2A1/2Lo3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz(fall), runthru (2A1/2Lo3F, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo2T, 3Lo)

Meite: 3Lz, 3F3T, 2A3T, runthru (2A, 3Lz, ?3T, 3Lz, 3S), 3Lz2T

Schott: runthru (3F2T, 3S2T1Lo)

Galustyan: marked jumps in runthru, 2F(ftdwn), 3F, 3T(fall), 3T(fall), 1F, 3F

Completed: SP practice 12:15 p.m.

Medvedeva: 3Lo, 3F(hand), 3F(hangs on), 3F3T, 3Lz(e?), 3S3T, 3F3T, 3S3T, 3F3T, runthru (3F3T, 3Lo3T, 2A)

Nagasu: 2A, 3Lo, 3F3T, 3F3T, 2A, 3A, 3A(hangs on), runthru (3A, 3F3T(ur?fall), 3Lz), 3F3T

Radionova: 3S, 3S2T, 3S3T, 3Lo, 3F, 3F(step), 3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3S2T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 2A), 3Lz3T3T(ur)

Bell: runthru (marked jumps), 2A, 3F, 3F, 3Lz3T(ur,fall), 3T(fall), 3Lz3T(hangs on)

Higuchi: 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, runthru (2A, 3Lz3T, 3F), 3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T

Tursynbaeva: 3S3T, 3F, 3Lz(hangs on), 2Lz, 3Lo, runthru (2Lz(2ft), 3Lo, 2A)

Kostner: 2A, 2A, 2A, 3T, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3T, 3T3T, 3F, runthru (3T3T, 3Lo, 2A)

Sakamoto: 3Lo, 3F, 3F3T, 3F3T, 3S, 2T(2ft), 3Lo, 2A, runthru (3F3T, 3Lo, 2A)

Meite: 2A, 3S, 3Lo, 3Lo(step) 3F3T(ur,step), 3F3T, 3F3T(ur,step), runthru (3F3T(ur?), 3Lo, 2A), 3Lo

Schott: 1T3T, 2T, 3T3T(ur,fall), runthru (3T3T, marked solo, 2A)

Galustyan: runthru (intentional doubles), 3S, 2F

Mikhailova: runthru (marked Lz, 3Lo, 2A), 3Lo, 3Lz(step), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3T, 3Lz3T, 2A1/2Lo3F1/2Lo3S

Completed: Thursday practice 2:35 p.m.

Medvedeva: 3Lo, 2A, 3F, 3F3T3T, 3Lz(e?), 3F3T, 3F3T3T, 3Lz, FS runthru (3F(fall), 3Lz3T, 3F(hand,ftdwn), 3Lo, 3S3T3T, ...), 3F3T, 3F3T, 3F3T, 3Lo, 3F3Lo, 3F3Lo

Radionova: 3S3T, 3Lo1/2Lo3S, 3F, 2Lz3T(turn), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3S, FS runthru (marked Lz, 3F, marked Lz, 3Lo, 2A)

Tursynbaeva: 2A, 2A3T2T, 3S3T(turn), 3F2T, 3F, 3Lz(step); FS runthru (3Lo, 2Lz, 3F2T, 3S3T, 2A3T(fall), 2Lz, 3F, 3Lo, 3Lz(turn), 1Lz

Meite: 3S, 3Lo, 3Lz(fall), 3Lz(step), 3Lz(fall), 3Lz(hand)3T, 3Lo

Mikhailova: 3Lo2T, 3F3Lo, 2A3T3T, FS runthru (2A1/2Lo3F, 3Lz, ...), 3Lz, 3Lz3T

Galustyan: 3F, 3T3T, 3T3T(ur), 3F

Kostner: SP runthru (3T3T, 3Lo(hangs on), 2A), 2A, 2A1/2Lo3S, 3Lo, 3F(<<,2ft), 3F(fall), 3F, 3S2T

Bell: 2Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz2T, FS runthru (3Lz, marked Lo, 2A1/2Lo3S, 3Lz, 3F2T, 3F 

Sakamoto: 3Lz(e), 3F3T, 3Lz(e), 3F2T

Higuchi: 3Lz3T, FS runthru (2A, ..., 3S, 1Lz, 3Lo, 3F), 3Lo, 3Lz3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3Lz3T(ftdwn), 3Lz, 3Lz(turn), 3Lz3T

Nagasu: 3Lz, 3Lo, 3F3T, 2A3T2T, 3S, 3A(hangs on,hand?), 3A(turn), 3A, 3A, 3F3T, 3Lz, FS runthru (3A(<<,fall), 3F3T, 3S, 2A3T2T, 3Lz(e?fall), 3Lo2T, 3Lo), 3Lz, 2A(fall), 3F3T, 3Lz, 3A

Schott: 3F3T(hangs on), 3T3T, 3T3T(hand), 2T, 3T3T(ur)


Completed: FS practice 10:20 a.m.

Tarasova/Morozov: M solo 3S, sbs3T2T2T(M 3T1T1T), 3Tw, thr3Lo(step)

Stolbova/Klimov: both solo 3S, K solo 3S, thr3S(turn), thr3F, runthru (marked Tw, thr3F, sbs3T2T2T(K 3T1T1T), thr3S)

Marchei/Hotarek: runthru (3Tw, sbs3T, thr3Lo, thr3Lz(step)), M solo 3S2T2T, thr3Lz

Astakhova/Rogonov: A solo 2S, A solo 3S, sbs3T2T, runthru (sbs3T2T2T, sbs3S, thr3S(ftdwn)), thr3F(hangs on)

Seguin/Bilodeau: sbs3S, sbs3T2T, thr3Lo, thr3F, thr3F(step), runthru (marked Tw, sbs3T2T(B 2T2T), 

Ziegler/Kiefer: thr3F(fall), thr3F, thr3F, runthru (sbs3S(Z 2S), marked Tw, sbs3T2T2T, thr3S, marked thrF)

Castelli/Tran: 2Tw, runthru (3Tw, marked sbs, thr3F, sbs2S2T, thr3S), sbs3T

Suto/Boudreau-Audet: thr3Lo(fall), runthru (sbs3S(S ur), thr3Lo(fall)), thr3Lo(fall), thr3Lo(fall), 3Tw

Completed: SP practice 11:00 a.m.

Tarasova/Morozov: thr3Lo, runthru (3Tw, sbs3T, thr3Lo)

Stolbova/Klimov: runthru (marked Tw, thr3F, sbs3T)

Marchei/Hotarek: runthru (sbs3S, 3Tw, marked thr)

Seguin/Bilodeau: thr3Lz

Castelli/Tran: thr3S, runthru (3Tw, marked sbs, thr3S), C solo 3S(fall), T solo 3S(step), both solo 3S, sbs3S(C fall, T step)

Astakhova/Rogonov: 3Tw, sbs3S, thr3F(ftdwn), runthru (sbs3S, 3Tw, thr3F)

Ziegler/Kiefer: 3Tw, 3Tw, runthru (marked Tw, sbs3T, marked thr), thr3F(hangs on), thr3F

Suto/Boudreau-Audet: runthru (marked Tw, sbs3S(S ur,step), marked thr3S), 2Tw, 3Tw(<<), 3Tw(poor catch), sbs3S

Completed: Thursday practice 1:30 p.m.

Castelli/Tran: solo 3T, runthru (marked Tw, sbs3T, thr3F, marked sbs S, thr3S)

Tarasova/Morozov: runthru (4Tw, thr3S, thr3Lo, marked sbs)

Stolbova/Klimov: 2Tw, thr3F, solo 3T3T

Astakhova/Rogonov: 3Tw, thr3Lo, sbs3S, thr3F(fall), thr3F(fall)


Completed: FS practice 7:30 a.m.

Chen: 3A2T2Lo, 4T(step), 3Lz, 4T3T, 4Lz(hand), 4Lz, 3Lo, 1Lo, 1Lo, 4Lo(fall), 2Lo, 4Lo(hand), 2Lo, 4Lo(step), 4Lo(step), 3A, 3A(step), 3A2T2Lo

Hanyu: 3A, 4T, 3A2T, 4S3T, 4Lo, 4Lz(step), 2Lo, 1Lz, 4Lz(fall), 4S3T, 4T(hangs on), 4Lo, 1Lz, 4Lz(ftdwn), runthru (4Lz(turn), 4Lo(ur,fall), 3F(hangs on), 4S3T, 4T1/2Lo3S, 4T(hand), 3A2T, 3A

Aliev: 3F, 3Lz, 2A, 2A(step), 3A, 4T3T(turn), 3Lz, 4Lz(hangs on), 2Lz, runthru (marked Lz, 4T3T, 3Lz, 2A, 3A(hand)

Kolyada: runthru (marked Lz, 3S, 1A, 4T(fall), 3Lz, 2A), 3A, 3Lz, 3Lz, 1Lz, 4Lz(fall), 3S, 4S(step,hand), 4S(fall), 4S(step), 3A3T

Vasiljevs: 2A(step), 1Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3A, 3T, 3T, runthru (4T(<<,step)), 4T(<<,2ft,turn), 2T, 2T, 4T(ur,fall), 1A, 2Lo, 3A

Ge: 2A, 3Lo 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 2A, 3A1/2Lo3S

Completed: SP practice 8:30 a.m.

Hanyu: 3A, 3F, 4S3T, 4T1/2Lo3S, 1Lz, 4Lz, 4T3T, 1Lo, 4Lo, runthru (4Lo(ur?fall), 3A, 4T(hangs on)2T(ftdwn)), 4T(hangs on), 4T3T

Chen: 4T, 4F(step), 4F(turn), 4F, 3A, runthru 4Lz(fall), 4F(step,hand), marked A), 2F, 4F3T, 4Lz3T, 3A

Kolyada: 3Lz, 3T, 2T, 4T, 3Lz, 4Lz(step), 4Lz(fall), runthru (marked Lz and T, 1A), 3Lz, 3Lz

Aliev: 3S, 2A, 3A(hand), runthru (marked Lz, 1A), 4T3T, 4Lz3T

Vasiljevs: runthru (marked jumps), 3F3T, 3A(ur), 4T(<<,fall), 3S, 2S, 2S, 4S(<<,fall), 4S(<<,fall), 3Lz3T

Samohin: 2A, 3S, 3T, runthru (3S, 1A, 3T), 4Sfall, 4Sfall, 4S2T, 4T, 3T(2ft,step), 4T, 3Lz3T

Ten: runthru (4S<<fall, marked T, 3A), 4S<2ft,step, 4S, 4T(turn)

Nguyen : runthru (4S, 4Tfall, 3A), 2T, 4T, 4T, 4S3T

Ge: 2A, 2A, 1A, 3A, runthru (3A, 3Lz3T, 3F)

Hochstein: 3A, 3Lz3T, runthru marked jumps

Kvitelashvili: 4T2T, 4S, 3A

Lazukin: 4T, 4T(step), 3Lo, 4Lo(fall), 3F, 2A

Completed: Thursday practice 10:30 a.m.

Kolyada: 2T, 3T, 3Lz, 2S, 3S, 4T3T, 3Lz, 4Lz(hand), 4Lz(step), 1A, 1A, 1A, 2S, 3S, FS runthru (4Lz(fall), marked S, 3A, 4T, 3A(hand), 3Lo, 3Lz2T), 3Lz1/2Lo3S, 1A

Nguyen: FS runthru (3T, 3S, 3A, 3A, 3Lo, 3F, 3Lz), 3A, 3S, 2S, 4S(step), 4T(fall), 2T, 2T, 4T(fall), 4T, 4S(turn,hand)

Lazukin: 3F, 3Lz(turn), 2A, 3A, 3A, 3T, 4T, 4T3T, 4Lo, 4Lo, 4Lo(hangs on), 3T, 3T, 3T, runthru (4T(ftdwn)1T, 1A), 3A, 2T3T

Aliev: 3T, 2A, 3F3T, 3Lz, 3A, 3A(hangs on), 4T, 2T, 3T(turn), 4T3T, FS runthru (4Lz(step), 4T3T, ...), 3A(ur,fall), 3A(ur?), 3A2T, 3F

Samohin: 2A, 3S, marked most jumps in FS runthru, 3T, 2A, 3A, 3A1/2Lo3S, 4S(hand), 4S(ur,fall), 4S(fall), 4T(fall), 4T(fall)

Ten: 4S, 3T, 3T, FS runthru (4S(ur,step), 3T(hand), 3A, marked rest of jumps), 2Lo(step), 2Lo(turn), 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F1/2Lo3S(ur), 2T, 4T(turn)

Hanyu: 2Lz(2ft), 4Lz, 4T3T(hangs on)

Chen: 4F, 3A, 4T, 3Lo, 2Lo(step), 4Lo(fall)

Hochstein: 1Lz, 3Lz3T

Vasiljevs: 3S, 4S(<<,2ft), 4S(<<,2ft)

Kvitelashvili: 4T, 3T

Ge: 2A