2017 World Championships practice notes: Days 3-6

Stay on and refresh this page for practice coverage of the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships for March 29-April 1. Note that there may be multiple practices happening at the same time or competition happening at the same time, so I will not be reporting on all practices.


Completed practice: pre-FS 4/1 6:00 a.m.

Hanyu: 3A1/2Lo3S, 4T, 4S3T, 3Lo(step,hand), 1Lo, runthru (4Lo, marked S, 3F, 4S3T, 2T, 4T1/2Lo3S(step), 3A), 4T

Chen: 3F, 3Lz, 3A, 3T, 4S(step), runthru (marked 1st 4 jumps, 3A, 2S, 4T2T2Lo, 4S, 4S(step,hand), 4S, 3Lz, 3A

Uno: 3S, 3A, 3A, 4T(step), 2F, 4F, 2Lo, 2Lo, 4Lo(ur,fall), 3A3T(hangs on), 3A1/2Lo3F, 3Lz, runthru (marked quads, 3A3T, 3A1/2Lo3F, 3S1/2Lo3F)

Chan: 3T, 3S, 3Lz2T, 4T, 3S, 4S(step,hand), runthru (4T(turn), marked S, 3A(fall), 4T, 3A, marked Lz, 2F), 3S

Jin: 3F, 3A1/2Lo3S(hangs on), 4T, 3S, 4S, runthru (4Lz(step,hand), marked all other jumps)

Fernandez: 3Lz, 3F1/2Lo3S, 3A, 4T, 4S(hangs on), runthru (marked S & T, 3A2T, marked A, 3F1/2Lo3S(foot), marked A & Lo)

Completed practice: 3/31 3:30 p.m.

Chen: 3Lo, 3F, 4T, 4S, 4T, 4Lz3T, 4F2T, 4F, 4Lz(fall), 2Lz, 4Lz(step), 3A(turn), 2S, 4S, 4T2T2Lo, 4S, 3A2T2Lo, 4S, 4T, 3Lz, 3A2T2Lo, 4T, 4Lz

Uno: 3A, 4T(hangs on), 4T, 4Lo, 4F(ur,fall), 4F(hand), 3A1/2Lo3F, runthru (2Lo, 4F, 3Lo, 4Lo(foot), 4T, 3A1/2Lo3F, 3S3T), 4T

Brown: 3Lo, 3F2T, 3Lz, 3A(hangs on), 3A(step), 3A3T. 3T, 4T, 4T, runthru (4T(fall), 3A3T, 3A, 4T(ur,fall), 3Lo), 4T

Bychenko: 3T, 3S, 3S, 3F1/2Lo3S, 3F1/2Lo3S, 3Lz, 2Lo, 3Lo, 3A, 3A, 4T, runthru (4T3T, 4T(fall), 3Lo, 3A(step), 3A(step), 2Lz, 2F(step), 3A), 4T3T, 2T(step), 3A(step), 2A, 1A

Reynolds: no jumps

Completed practice: 3/31 11:05 a.m.

Hanyu: 3A(hangs on), 4T(hangs on), 4S3T, 4Lo, 4S, runthru (marked Lo, 4S, marked F, 4S3T, 4T(fall), marked rest of jumps)

Fernandez: 3Lz, 3A, 4S, 4T3T, marked jumps in runthru except 3A, 3Lz, 3Lo

Chen: 1A, 3A, 4S, marked jumps in runthru except 3A, 3A(step), 3A, 3A2T2Lo, 4S(step), 2S, 4S(step), 4S

Uno: runthru (marked Lo & F, 3Lz, 3A3T, 4T, 4T2T, 3A1/2Lo3F, 3S), 4Lo, 3S3T

Chan: 3S, 3Lz2T, 3A(step)3T, 4T, 4T(hand), 4S(fall), 4S(step,hand), 4S(step), marked jumps in runthru except 3Lo(step), 3Lz2T, 2F(step)

Jin: 4T, 4T2T, 3S(turn), 4S, 4Lz, 4Lz

Brown: 3Lz1/2Lo3S, 3Lo, 3T, 2T, 4T(ur,fall), runthru (4T(ur,2ft), 3A3T, 3A(fall), 3z, 3F2T, 2A, 1Lo, 3Lz1/2lo3S), 2T, 3T, 2T, 4T(hangs on), 4T(step), 3A3T(fall), 3A, 3Lo, 2T, 4T, 3A3T, 3A, 3Lo, 3F2T, 3Lz1/2Lo3S, 3Lz, 4S(<<step,hand), 4S(<<,step)

Kolyada: 3T, 4T3T, 2A, 3A, 3A, 3Lz, 4Lz, runthru (4Lz(fall), 4T(fall))

Kovtun: 3Lo, 3S, runthru (4S, 4S3T, 3S, 3Lo

Ten: 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3S, runthru (4T, 4S(step), 3A, 1A, 3Lz, 3Lz, marked rest)

Bychenko: 2A, 2A, 3T, 3F1/2lo3S, 2T, runthru (3T, 3T, 1Lz, 3F1/2Lo3S), 3A, 3A2T), 2T, 4T2T(foot), 4T3T, 4T(hangs on)

Reynolds: 2A, 3S, 3F, 3Lz, 4S, 4T(ur?), 3A(ur?), 3A, runthru (4S2T, 3T, 4T(ur), 2A, hard fall, 3F3Lo)

Brezina: 3A, 3A

Completed practice: pre-SP practice 3/30 6:00 a.m.

Hanyu: 3A, 4S(ur,fall), 4S3T(hangs on), 2Lo, 3Lo, SP runthru (4Lo(hangs on), 4S3T, 1A), 4T, 4T, 3Lz, fall on loop entrance, 1Lo, 2Lo, 3Lo, 1Lo, 2Lo, 4Lo(turn,hand)

Fernandez: 3T, 3T, 3A, 4T(foot)3T, 4S, runthru (4T(foot)2T, 4S(fall), 2A), 2S(step), 4S(hangs on), 3T(2ft), 4T, 3A(turn), 4S

Uno: 2A, 3A, 3Lo, 4T(<<,fall), 4T, runthru (2F, 2T, 3A), 4F, 4T3T, 2Lo, 2Lo, 4Lo, 3A3T, 4T2T, 4T(hangs on)

Chan: 3S, 3A, 4S(step), 4T, runthru (4T3T, marked A), 3Lz

Brown: 2A, 3F3T, 3F3T, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3A, 3A, 4T(ur?2ft), runthru (3A, 3F3T, 3Lz)

Kovtun: 3S, 4S, 3S, 3S, runthru (4S3T, 3A), 4T, 3Lz1/2Lo3S, 1A, 3A(step,hand), 3A3T

Chen: 3A, 4F(fall), 4F, 3A(step), SP runthru (4Lz, 4F(hand), 3A), 4F, 4Lz(turn)3T, 4Lz3T

Ten: 4S, 2T, 4T(fall), 4T(fall), 2T, 3Lz3T

Brezina: 3A, 3A, 3F3T, 3Lz, 3A

Kolyada: 3T3T, 4T3T, 4T, 2A, 1A, 1A

Bychenko: 3T, 4T2T, 3A, SP runthru (3A, 4T, 3F3T), 3A(step), 3A(step), 3A(turn), 3T(2ft), 2T, 2T

Jin: 3Lz, 4Lz, 4Lz3T, 4T


Completed practice: pre-FS practice 3/31 7:00 a.m.

Medvedeva: 3F, 3Lz, 3S3T, 2A, 3F3T, 3F3T, 2A, 3F3T3T, 3F3T3T, 3F, runthru (3F3T, 3Lz, marked Lo, 3F(step,hand), 3S3T3T, 2A), 3F3T3T, 3F3T, 3Lo, 3S3T, 3S, 3S, 3S, 3F

Pogorilaya: 3F(e?), 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F(e?), 1A, 2A, 3Lz1/2Lo3S, 3Lo2T, 2Lo, 2A), 3Lz3T1/2Lo3S, 3Lo1/2Lo3S, 3Lz1/2Lo3S, 3T, 3S, 2Lz

Osmond: 3Lo, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3F3T, 2A3T, runthru (marked FT, 2A3T, marked Lz, 3Lo, marked F, 3S, 2A2T2Lo)

Daleman: 3Lo, 3T, 3T3T, runthru (marked TT, 3Lz, 1F, 3Lo, 2A), 3Lz(step,hand), 3Lz

Chen: 3T, 2A, 2A1/2Lo3S, 2A3T, 3Lz, 3Lz3T(ur), runthru (3Lz3T, 1F, 2A1/2Lo3S, 3Lo, 3S2T, 3Lz, marked A), 3S2T, 3F(e?), 3F(e?), 3Lz3T, 3Lz2T, 3Lz3T, 3S2T, 3T

Sotskova: 3Lo, 3F, 2Lz, 2Lz, 3Lz, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 3Lo, 3F1/2Lo3S)

Wagner: 2A, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 3Lo, 3F(step), 3F3T, 3F3T, marked jumps in runthru, 3Lo1/2Lo3S

Kostner: 3T3T, 3T3T(ur?hangs on), 3F, 3Lo, 3Lo2T, 2A, runthru (marked TT, 3F, 3Lo, 3Lo2T, 2A1/2Lo2S, 3S), 3T, 3T

Higuchi: 2A, 2A, 3Lo, 2F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3Lo, 2S, 3S, 1Lz, 3Lz, runthru (1Lz, 3Lo, 2Lz, 3F, 2A2T2Lo, 3S, 2A), 1Lz, 3Lz3T(fall), 3Lz3T

Tursynbaeva: 3Lz3T, 3F, 3F, 2Lz(2ft), 3Lz, runthru (3Lz, 3F, 3S3T, 2A 3Lo(fall), 2A2T2Lo), 3Lo, 2A

Hongo: 3Lz(e), 2A3T, 2A, runthru (3F(ur), 3S2T, 3Lz(e), 1A, 3S, 3F(ur,fall), 2A3T(ur,fall)), 1F, 3F2T2Lo, 3F2T2Lo, 3Lz(e?), 1A, 2A3T(ur,fall), 0A, 2A3T(ur,fall), 1A, 2A3T

Choi: 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T(step,hand), 3F, 2A3T, 3Lo, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3S(ur?), 2A, 3Lz3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 2A3T(ur, fall), 2A3T, 3Lz(fall)

Completed practice: pre-SP practice 3/29 6:30 a.m.

Medvedeva: 3F3T, 3Lo3T, 2A, 3F3T, runthru (3F3T, 3Lo3T, 2A)

Wagner: 2A, 3Lo, 3F, runthru (3F3T, 3Lo, 2A)

Pogorilaya: 2A, 2A, 2T, 3T, 3T, 3Lz3T(2ft), runthru (3Lz3T, 3T, 3Lo, 2A(hangs on))

Sotskova: 2A3T, 3Lo(hand), 3F, 3F, 3Lz(step), 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 2A)

Daleman: 2A, runthru (marked TT, 3Lz, 2A), 3T3T

Hongo: 3F, 3F, 3S2T, 1F, 3F2T2Lo, 2A3T(foot), 2A3T, 2A, runthru (3F, 3T3T(ur,fall), 2A)

Osmond: marked jumps in runthru, 2A, 2A, 3Lz, 3Lz(fall), 3Lz, 3Lz(hangs on), 3F3T, 3F3T(step), 3F2T, 3F3T, 2A

Chen: 2A, 3Lo, 3Lz, 2A2T, 2A3T(ur?), 2A3T(2ft), 2A3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3Lo, 2A), 3Lz, 3Lz3T(hangs on), 3Lz3T(step), 3T, 1Lz, 3Lz3T(ur?), 1Lz, 3Lz3T(ur?), 3Lo, 2A3T, 3T, 2A3T

Choi: 3F, 2A, 3F, 3Lz3T(hangs on), 3Lz, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 2A), 3Lz(fall), 3Lz, 3Lz

Tursynbaeva: 3S, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz(step), 3Lz(hangs on), 1Lz(step), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T(step), SP runthru (3Lz(hand), 3S3T, 2A), 3Lz3T(ur), 3Lz3T, 3Lo

Rajicova: 2A, 3Lz2Lo, 3Lz2Lo, 3Lo

Kuchvalska: 2A, 3T, 3T2T, 2A, 1T, 3T(fall), 2T, 3T2T, 3Lz(step), 1Lz

Mihara: 3F, 2A, runthru (3Lz3T, 2A, 3F), 3F, 3S, 2A3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3F

Higuchi: 3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 2A, 2A, SP runthru (2A, 3Lz3T, 1F), 3F, 3Lz3T, 3F, 3F, 3F(turn), 2S, 3S, 3F

ZLi: 2A, marked combo/solo in runthru, 2A; 2A, 3T2T, 3T3T, 3T3T, 3F(ur), 3F, 3F

Toth: 3T3T(hangs on), 3T3T, 3Lz(ur), 2Lz, 3Lz, marked TT & Lz in runthru, 2A

Schott: 3T, 3T, 3T3T, 3Lo, marked Lo & TT in runthru, 2A

Bell: 2A, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz3T(<<?), 3F, SP runthru (3Lz3T(<<,fall), 3Lz, 3Lz2T, 3Lz, 3Lz2T, 3Lz2T

Hendrickx: 3F, 2A

Lecavelier: 2A, 2A, 3Lo(step), 3Lo, 2A(fall), 3Lo, 2A, 3T, 3Lz3T(<<,fall), 3Lz(turn), 3Lz3T(ur), 2A, marked jumps in runthru, 3T

Frank: 2A(hangs on), 2A, 2T, 3T, 3Lz2T, 3T, 2A

Williams: 3Lo, 3Lz(fall), SP runthru (3Lz2T, 3Lo, 2A), 3Lz2T


Completed practice: pre-FS practice 3/30 9:30 a.m.

Sui/Han: 4Tw, 4Tw, thr3S, thr3S, thr3F, sbs3T2T(S 2T2T), runthru (3Tw, sbs3T2T(S 2T2T), marked S, 

Yu/Zhang: thr3Lo, thr3Lo, 4Tw, sbs3T2T, thr3Lo, sbs3T2T

Tarasova/Morozov: 4Tw(poor catch), both solo 3T2T2T, sbs3S(step), sbs3T2T2T, thr3S

Savchenko/Massot: 3Tw, sbs3T3Tseq, sbs3S

Duhamel/Radford: D solo 3S, R solo 3S(fall), thr3S, sbs3S, runthru (sbs3T2T, thr4S(hand), thr3Lz(fall)), thr3Lz(hangs on), 3Tw

Ilyushechkina/Moscovitch: sbs3S, thr3Lo

Knierim/Knierim: sbs3S, sbs3T2T(C 1T2T), sbs3T2T(C 1T2T), thr3S(2ft), thr3S(step), thr3S(fall), 3Tw

Zabiiako/Enbert: 3Tw, runthru (3Tw, sbs3T2T2Lo, 

James/Cipres: marked elements in runthru, C solo 3S, sbs3S, sbs3T2T2T, 3Tw, thr3F, thr4S(fall), thr4S(2ft,hand)

Marchei/Hotarek: sbs3T, 2Tw, thr3Lo, runthru (marked Tw, sbs3S2T2T, thr3Lz)

Della Monica/Guarise: sbs3S, sbs3T2T(G 3T1T), thr3Lo, 3Tw(2ft)

Seguin/Bilodeau: sbs3S, sbs3T(S fall), thr3Lo, runthru (sbs3T, thr3Lz

Stolbova/Klimov: S solo 3T, K solo 3S, S solo 3S(fall), S solo 3S, thr3F(hand), thr3F, runthru (marked Tw, sbs3T3T(S fall, K turn), marked thrLz & sbsS, thr3S), K solo 3T3T(fall), K solo 3T, K solo 3T3T(step), K solo 3T3T2T, S solo 3T3T(fall), S solo 3S

Duskova/Bidar: thr3Lz, thr3Lz, thr3S(hangs on), sbs3T

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor: sbs3S(both fall), sbs3T2T2T, thr3Lz(fall), thr3S, runthru (3Tw, sbs3S, thr3S, marked sbsT & thr)

Ryom/Kim: runthru (marked Tw, sbs3T, thr3S, thr3S, thr3Lo(hand), thr3Lo), thr3S, thr3Lo, K solo 3T(ur,fall), sbs3T(K 2T)