Off-season digest: Everything you need to know about the 2017-18 off-season!

So much has already happened in the months since last season ended at World Team Trophy. There's a lot in this off-season digest below - and I'll keep updating it as the off-season goes on. But for all the music selections, coaching changes, retirements, splits, take a look here:

Rocker media

IceTalk Episode 37
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I mean, if you want to catch up in half an hour, here's the abridged version on #IceTalk! Nick McCarvel and I reunited in our host chairs (well, host microphones, since I wasn't in studio) to chat about what happened during the off-season. This podcast episode was recorded at the beginning of August.

Making of La La Land
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I joined Ashley Wagner and choreographer Shae-Lynn Bourne to document the creative process behind Wagner's new free skate to La La Land. 


Quebec Summer Championships
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Some of the top pairs made their debuts here, including Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford and Kirsten Moore-Towers/Michael Marinaro! Alaine Chartrand and Nicolas Nadeau won their respective singles' events. And newly-Olympic-eligible Olivia Smart/Adria Diaz won their debut of the season with the biggest scores of their career.

Philadelphia Summer International
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Tim Dolensky and Bradie Tennell won the singles' competitions here at the Summer Invitational. We also had some standout performances from Angela Wang, Courtney Hicks, Hanul Kim, Alex Krasnozhon, and Max Aaron.

Glacier Falls Classic
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Karen Chen had a super competition here, skating two practically clean programs in July! Ross Miner also had a solid debut, with Jason Brown testing out his two new programs and some quads.

Skate Detroit
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The competition where Mirai Nagasu showed off her triple axel and eight-triple free skate! And the competition where Vincent Zhou showed that he's upgraded his difficulty to become a bonafide contender for an Olympic spot.