2019 Four Continents: Practice notes!


Complete: 2/9 Pre-FS warmup practice

Uno: 3A, runthru (4F(hangs on), 4T, 3Lo, 3A1Eu3F(hang s on), 3S3T), 3A(hand?), 3A, 4T2T

Brown: 3Lo, 3F3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo, 3A, 4S(ur,fall), 2S, runthru (4S(<<?fall), 3A3T, 3Lo, 3F(turn)3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo), 2S, 4S(ur,fall), 4S(fall), 4S(ur,fall), 2S, 1S, 2A, 3A3T, 3A, 3F3T

Cha: 3Lo, 3A, 2S, 4S(ur?), 2A, 4T(fall), 4T(ur,fall), runthru (4T(ur?), marked S, 3Lz3Lo, 3A2T, marked A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lo)

Messing: 3S3T, 3T, runthru (3Lz, 4T, 3A2T, 4T2T, 3A(hangs on)), 3A, 4T2T, 3A2T, 3Lz

Zhou: 3Lz1Eu3F, 3S, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz1Eu3F, 3A(step,hand), 3A2T, 3A, 4S, 4S, 2T, 2T, 1Lz, 4Lz3T, runthru (4Lz(ur)3T, 4S, 4T, 3A2T, 3A(ur,step), marked Lz), 3A

Jin: 3A1Eu3S, 4T2T, 4T, 2S, 4S(step), 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2Lz, 4Lz(step,hand)

Complete: 2/8 1:30 p.m. practice

Jin: 3T, 3T, 4T, 4S, runthru (4Lz, 3A1Eu3S, 4T(hangs on)2T, 4T(step,hand), 3Lz3T

Zhou: 3T, 3Lz1Eu3F, 3A2T, 3A2T, 4S, 2T, runthru (4Lz3T, 4S(step), 2T, 3A(hand,ftdwn), 3A2T, 3Lz1Eu3F), 4S, 4Lz3T, 4T, 4T, 3A2T, 3A2T, 3A, 3A, 3A2T, 3A, 3Lz1Eu3F(ur), 3Lz1Eu3F

Brown: 3Lo, 3F3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo, 3Lz2Lo2Lo, 3A, 3S, 3S, 2S, 4S(ur,fall), 4S, 3A3T, 3A3T, 3Lo(step), 3Lz3Lo(??), runthru (4S(<<,2ft), 3A3T, 3Lo, 3A, 3F3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo)

Uno: 2A, 3S3T, 4T, 4F, 1A, 3A1Eu3F, runthru (2F, 2T, 3Lo, 4T2T, 3A, marked A, 3S3T)

Cha: 3Lo, 3A, 3S, 4S(ur?), 3T, runthru (2T, 4S, marked Lz, 3A2T, marked A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lo, 3Lz, 1T, 1T(step), 2T, 4T(step), 3A, 3Lz3Lo

Messing: 2Lo, 3Lo, 2A, 3S32T, 3Lz, 3Lz, runthru (marked Lz, 2T, 3A, 3T, 2T), 4T(ftdwn), 4T3T, 3A2T(turn), 3A

Nadeau: 3S, 3Lo, 3T, 3Lo3T, 2F, 3F, 3A, 1A, 1A, 2A(<<,2ft), 3A3T, 2T, 4T, 2T, 4T(step,hand), runthru (3A3T, 4T(ftdwn), 3Lo2T2T, 3F(hangs on), 3S), 2T, 4T, 2T, 4T(2ft), 4T, 3Lo2Aseq, 3S

Kerry: 2A, 3A, 3A, 3A1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3Lo(hand), 3Lo(hand), 3Lo, 3A(step), 3A(step), 3S, 3S, 3S, 2S, runthru (marked T, 4S(hangs on), 2A, 3A2T, 3Lz, 3Lz2T), 3A3T(hangs on), 3T

Tanaka: 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2A, 3S, 4S, runthru (2S, 4S2T, 3A3T, 1A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3Lo), 2T, 3T, 4T, 3A

Nguyen: 2A, 2A, 3S, 3S, 3Lo, runthru (3S, 3S, marked A/A, 3Lz, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lo), 3Lz, 3A, 4S, 4S, 4S3T(ur?), 2S, 1S, 4S(hangs on), 1A, 3A2T, 4S3T, 4S(hangs on), 3F1Eu3S

Hiwatashi: 3T, 3Lz1Eu3F, runthru (marked T/A/A, 3S, marked Lz/F), 3A2T, 3A, 4T2T, 2T, 4T3T, 3Lz

Tomono: 3A1Eu2S, 3A1Eu3S, 1A, 3A, 1A, 3F, 2S, 2S, 2S, 2S, 2S, 2S, 4S2T, 4S, 3A1Eu3S, runthru (4S2T, 4S(step,hand), 1A, 3Lo, 3A3T(ftdwn), 3F1Eu2S, 3Lz(hangs on)), 3A1Eu3S(ur), 4S(turn)

Complete: 2/6 4:20 p.m. practice

Brown: runthru (marked S, 3A3T(fall), 3S, 3Lo, 3A, 3F3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo), 3A3T(ur?), 3Lo, 2S, 4S(ur?fall), 4S(step), 2S, 1S, 2S, 4S(fall), 3A, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3Lz1T, 3Lz3T, 3A, 3Lo

Zhou: 3A, 4Lz3T, 4S, runthru (4Lz3T, 1F, 4S(ur?), 4T(hangs on), 3A2T, 3A, 3Lz1Eu3F), 4S, 1F, 4F, 4Lz(step), 4Lz3T, 4S, 3A, 3A

Uno: 2A, 3S, 3A, 4T, 3A1Eu3F(turn), 3A1Eu3F(turn), 3A1Eu3F(hand,ftdwn), 3A1Eu3F(step), runthru (4T, 3S3T, 3A), 3A1Eu3F

Tanaka: 3A, 3A3T, 2S, 4S, runthru (4S, 2S, 3A3T, 3A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3Lo), 4S(hand), 3Lz3T, 1A, 2A(step), 3A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lo

Hiwatashi: runthru (1A(step), 3F, 3Lz1T), 3A, 3Lz3T(turn), 3A2T, 4T3T, 4T3T, 3A, 3Lz1Eu3F

Tomono: 3F2T, 3F3T, 4S(fall), 3S, 2S, 4S, 2S, 4S, 3F3T, runthru (2S, 3F3T, 4S(step,hand), 4S, 3A1Eu3S, 3A3T, 4S(step), 4S, 4S

Complete: 2/6 9:00 a.m. practice

Hiwatashi: 2A, 3T, 3Lo, runthru (marked T/A/A, 3S, 3Lz(hand), 3Lo, 3Lz), 3A, 2T, 2T

Zhou: 3A, 4S(ur?hangs on), 4S, 4Lz3T, 1A, 3A(step), 3A, 3A, 2S, 4S, 3Lz, runthru (4Lz3T(ur), 4S, 3A), 4Lz(ur?step), 4Lz(ur?)3T, 2T, 4T, 4F(ur,step), 4F(ur?hand,step), 3A(step), 3A

Uno: 2A, 3S, 3A, 3A, 4T, 2T, 4T, 3A1Eu3F, 3A1Eu3F, 3A, 3F(<<,2ft), 2F, 3S3T, runthru (4F, 4T, 3Lo, 4T2T, 3A(ftdwn), 3A1Eu3F, 3S3T)

Tomono: 3A1Eu3S(hangs on), 1A, 1A, 3A1Eu3S(fall), 1A, 1A, 3A3T, 3F, 3S, 4S(hand)2T, 2S, 4S(fall), 2S, 4S, 1A, 3A1Eu2S, runthru (4S2T, 4S, 3A1Eu3S(step), 3Lo, 3A3T(ur), 3Lz(turn), 3F3T, 3Lz(ftdwn), 3Lz, 3A1Eu3S

Tanaka: 1F(step), 2F, 3F, 3F(step), 3Lz3T, 2A, 4S, 2S, 3S, 3S, 4S, runthru (2S, 3F3T, marked A), 3S, 3S, 4S2T, 4S(step), 4S, 4S3T

Complete: 2/5 3:40 p.m. practice

Nguyen: 2A, 2A, 2A, 3S, 3S, 3S, 3T, 3Lo, 3F, 3F1Eu3S, 3A, 3S, 2S, 4S, 4S(turn), runthru (4S3T, 3A, 3Lz), 3Lz, 2S, 4S3T, 4S, 3A

Jin: 3A(hand), 3A, 3T, 4T(step), 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2Lz, runthru (4Lz, marked T, 3A), 3S, 3S, 2S, 4S(turn), 1S

Messing: 3Lo, 2A, 3S3T, 3Lz, 4T, runthru (3Lz, 4T, 3A2T, 3Lo, 4T2T, 3S3T, 3A), 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz, 4Lz, 3Lz, 4Lz, 3A(turn), 3A

Zhang: 2A, 2A, runthru (3A), 3A2T, 2Lz, 3Lz, 3S, 4S(step,hand), 4S(step,hand), 2S, 3Lz, 3Lz(step), 3Lz, 2A1Eu3S9fall)

Nadeau: 3S, 3T, 3Lo3T, 3F, 3Lz, 3A, runthru (3A3T, 2Lo2Aseq, 3Lo2T2T, 3S), 3Lo2A(step)seq, 3Lo2Aseq, 4T(step,hand), 4T(2ft), 2T, 4T(step), 4S(hangs on), 4S(ur,fall)

Cha: 3A, 3A, 4S, 1S, 3Lz, 3Lz, runthru (4S, 3Lz1Lo, 3A), 3Lo, 3Lz(turn), 3Lz3Lo, 4T(ur,fall), 4T(ur,fall), 4T(ur), 3F1Eu3S

JLee: 2A, 3F, 3F3T, 1A, 3A, 3A(step,hand), 3A(step,hand), 3F, runthru (3A(fall), 3Lz, 3F3T), 3Lo, 3S, 3A(fall), 1A, 3A(step), 3A(step,hand), 3Lo, 3S, 3T, 3T, 3Lo, 1Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz

SLee: 3F(hand), 3Lz3T, 2A, runthru (3Lz3T(step), 3A(ur?fall), 3F(step)), 3F, 3Lz3T, 1A, 3A(fall), 1A, 3A(hand), 3Lz3T, 3F, 3A(hand), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3S

Ip: 3S, runthru (3Lz(ur)2T), 3Lo, 3Lo, 2Lz3T, 3Lz(hangs on)2T(ftdwn), 2A

Uno: runthru (3F(2ft), 4T, 3Lo, 4T2T, 3A, 3A1Eu(ur)3F, 3S3T), 3S3T, 3A1Eu3F

Tomono; runthru (3Lo, 3A2T, 3Lz), 4S, 2S, 2S, 4S, 4S(fall), 4S, 3A(step), 1A, 3A1Eu3S(turn)

Zhou: 4T(step,hand), 1T, 4T, 3A2T, 3Lz1Eu3F, 4Lz(step), 4Lz3T(ur), 4Lz3T

Brown: 3F, 3Lz3T, 3A, runthru (3F, 3A, 3Lz3T), 3F3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo, 3Lo

Tanaka: 3S, 2S, 4S, 4S, 4S(hangs on), 3T, 2T(step), 4T

Hiwatashi: 4T, 4T3T, 3A, 3A, 3A, 3A2T, runthru (4T3T, 3A2T, 3A, 3S, 3Lz, 3Lz1Eu(ur)3F, 3Lo)

Complete: 2/5 9:00 a.m. practice

Uno: 3A, 4T(step), 2T, 4T, 4T(hangs on), 4T, 3S3T, 3A1Eu3F(hand), 3A1Eu3F, 2F, 3F(ur,fall), 4F(<<,step), runthru (4T(hangs on), 3S3T, 3A), 4F(step), 2T, 4T, 4T3T, 3A1Eu3F(fall), 3A(fall), 3A1Eu3F, 3A1Eu3F

Tomono: 3F3T, 2S, 4S, 4S, 3F3T, 3Lo, 3Lz, 1A(step), 3A(step,hand), 3A1Eu(ur)3S, 3A3T(hangs on), runthru (4S, 3F3T, 3A), 3A(hangs on)

Brown: 3F, 3Lo, 3F2T, 3F3T, 3Lz2Lo2Lo, 3A, 3A3T, 3A3T, 4S(fall), 3S, 4S(fall), 4S(<<,2ft), runthru (3S, marked A, 3Lo, 3A), 3Lo

Zhou: 3Lz, 3A2T, 3A(hand), 3A(step), 3A, 4S(hangs on), 4S, 2T, 4T(step), 3Lz, 4Lz, 2Lz, 4Lz(fall), 1Lz, 4Lz3T, runthru (4Lz(ur?step,hand), 4S, 3F, 4T, 3A(ur)2T, 1A, 3Lz1Eu3F), 4S(ur?), 4Lz, 4Lz

Tanaka: marked jumps in runthru, 3Lo, 3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 1A, 1A(step), 2A, 2A(step), 3A, 1A, 1A, 3A(hand,ftdwn), 3A,.3S, 2S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 4S, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lo, 1A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3Lo


Complete: 2/7 9:00 a.m. Pre-SP warmup practice

Tursynbaeva: 2A, 3S, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3S3T, 3Lz, runthru (3Lz, 2A, 3S3T), 3Lz(fall), 3Lz, 3S3T, 2A, 3T, 3T, 3T, 3T, 3T

Bell: 2A, 3F, 3Lz, runthru (2A, 3Lz3T(ur,step), 3F), 3Lz1T, 3Lz, 3Lz3T(ur?)

Tennell: 2A, 2A, 3Lo, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz3T(ur), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3F, 2A, 3Lz, runthru (marked Lz, 1A, 3F), 2A(ur?), 2A, 3Lz(turn), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3T, 3Lz1T, 3Lz3T, 3S

Kihira: 3F, 2F, 3F2T, 3Lz3T, 2Lz, 2Lz, runthru (marked A, 3F2T, 2Lz), 3F3T, 3F, 2Lz, 3Lz3T, 3Lz(fall), 3Lz, 2A, 3Lz3T, 3Lz, 2Lz, 1Lz(2ft), 3Lz, 3Lz, 3F3T, 2A, 2A, 3A, 3Lz, 3F3T, 3A, 3Lz, 2A

Sakamoto: 2A, 2A, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 3F3T, 3F3T(ftdwn), 3F3T, 3Lo, runthru (3F3T, 2A, 3Lo), 3S, 3Lo, 3F3T(<<,step), 3F3T

Mihara: 2A, 2F, 3T, 2Lz, 2Lz, 3Lz3T, 3F, runthru (3Lz(ur?)3T(ur?), 2A, 3F(e?ur?)), 3Lz3T, 2Lz, 3Lz3T, 3F

Lim: 2A, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3Lz, runthru (1Lz, 3F2T, 2A), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3F, 2A

Chartrand: 2A, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3T, 3Lz3T(ur?), 3Lz3T, 3Lo, 3Lz, runthru (2A, 3Lz(fall), 3Lo2T), 3Lz3T(<<?), 3Lz(ur?)

Han: 2A, runthru (marked Lo/Lz, 2A), 2A, 3T, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz, 1S, 3S(ur,step), 1S, 3S(fall), 3S, 3Lo, 2A

Leung: 2A, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3F(ur,fall), 3F, 3Lz3T, 3F, 3Lz, runthru (3Lz3T, 2A, 3F)

HKim: 2A, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz3T(ur?), 2A, 3Lz, runthru (3Lz3T(ur), 3Lo, 2A), 3Lz3T(ur)

Craine: 2A, 2A, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo1Lo, 3Lo3Lo(ur?), runthru (3Lo3Lo(ur), 2A, 3Lz(e?)), 3Lo3Lo, 3Lo3Lo, 2A

Complete: 2/6 2:30 p.m. practice

Kihira: 3Lz, 3Lz, 2A, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2A3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, runthru (2A, 2A3T, marked Lo, 3Lz3T(hand), 3F, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3S), 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F3T, 3Lz, 3F3T, 2A, 3A, 1A, 1A, 3A, 2A3T

Mihara: 3Lo, 3F, 3F, 3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 2A, 3F(e?)), 3F, 2F, 3F, 3Lz3T(ur?), 3F, 2A, 2A3T

Sakamoto: 2A, 2A, 2A, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 3F(step), 3F3T, 3F3T, 1F, 2F, 3F3T, 3F3T, runthru (3F3T, 2A, 3Lo), 3Lo, 2A3T2T, 2A3T2T, 3F2T

YKim: 3S, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3S, 3Lo, 2A, 2A, 3Lz2T2Lo), 3Lz3T, 3Lo, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3F, 3Lz3T

Lim: 2A, 3S(hangs on), 3S, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz(fall), 3Lz2T2Lo, 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3Lo, 2A3T, 3Lz, 3S2T2Lo(2ft), 3F(2ft), 2A), 3F, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 2A3T

HKim: 2A, 3Lz, 2Lz, 3Lz3T(ur?), runthru (3Lz3T, 3Lo, 2A), 3Lz3T, 3S, 3F(e,fall), 3F(e?), 3Lz, 2A3T, 2A3T, 2A3T

Complete: 2/6 8:30 a.m. practice

Tennell: 2A, 3S, 3S, 3F, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 3F, runthru (2A, 3Lz, 3F, 2A, marked Lz, 3Lo2T2Lo, 3S), 3Lz3Lo(<<?), 3Lz3Lo, 3Lz3Lo(ur?), 3F, 2A, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3Lo(fall), 3Lz3T, 3Lo(step), 3Lo2T2Lo, 3S, 3Lo2T2Lo, 3S

Bell: 2A, 2A, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lz, 1Lo, 3Lo, 2A3T, 3Lz, runthru (2A3T, 3Lo, 3F2T, 2A, 3Lz2T(step), 3F, 3Lz)

Cui: 3S, runthru (2A, 3Lz2T(fall), 3F, 2A2T, 3Lz, 1Lo, 3F1Eu3S(fall)), 3Lz3T, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 1Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 2A, 3F1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3Lo, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T

Leung: 2A1Eu3S, 3F, 3F2T, 3Lz, 1Lz, 3Lz3T, 3Lz(hangs on), 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 3Lo, 2A, 1A, 1Lz, 3F(2ft)2T(turn)), 2A, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3F, 2A1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3Lz3T

So: 2A, 2A, 3S, 3S2T, 3T(step), 3T, runthru (3T2T, 3S(fall), 2A), 3S, 3T(fall), 3Lo(hangs on)

Chartrand: marked jumps in runthru, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2A1Eu3S, 2A1Eu3S, 3T, 3Lz3T(ur,hangs on)

Craine: 2A, 2A2T, 3Lo, 3F, 3F, runthru (3F2T, 3F, 3Lz(e?), 3Lo, 2A2T), 3Lo3Lo(ur), 3Lo3Lo, 3Lo1Lo, 3Lo3Lo(ur?2ft), 3Lo1Eu3S(ur), 3Lo, 2A

Han: 2A, 3Lo, 3S, 3Lz2T, runthru (3Lo, 3Lz2T, 3S, 2A2A(turn)seq, 1Lz, 1T(step), 3T2T), 3T(fall), 3T2T2Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2A

Austman: 2A, 2A, 3S, 3F(hand), 3F, 2A, runthru (1Lo, 3F(fall), 2A2Aseq, 1Lo, 2S, 3T2T, 3S2T2Lo), 1F, 1F, 1F, 3F(step), 3F(hangs on), 3Lo(step), 3Lo2T, 3S2T2Lo(fall), 3S2T1Lo, 3S2T2Lo

Mallet: 3T2T, 3T2T, runthru (3T(fall), 3Lo, 2A), 3T2T2Lo, 3Lo2T, 3T, 3T(fall), 3T, 2T2T, 2T3T(step,hand), 2T3T(fall), 2T3T, 2A

Tursynbaeva: 3S, 3T, 2A3T, 3S, 3S(step), 3S3T(step,hand), 2A2T2Lo, 3F(step), 3F, 1Lz(step), 3Lz, 3F, 1A, 2A2T2Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz(step), 3Lz, 3Lz, 1F, 3F, 3S3T, 2A2T2Lo, 3F, 3Lz, runthru (3Lz, 3F, 0A, 3Lo, 3S(step), 2A3T, 3S3T), 3Lz3T(fall), 3Lz3T, 2F(step), 3F, 2A2T2Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3S, 3S

Williams: 2A, 2A, runthru (3Lz2T, 2A1Eu2S, 1F, 3Lo, 3Lz(step), 2A), 2A1Eu3S, 1F(e?), 1F, 1S(step), 3S(fall), 2A, 3Lz(hand)1T

Lin: 2A(fall), 2A, 3S2T, 3S(hand), 3S2T, 3S, 3T2T, 3Lz, 3Lz(ur), runthru (3Lz(ur), 3T2T, 2T, 2A1Eu2S, 3S(hand), 2S, 2A), 2A, 3S2T, 2S, 3S2T, 1S(step), 3S2T, 3S, 3T2T, 3T2T, 3T(hand)

Montesinos Cantu: 2A, 3S, 3S2T, 3S(fall), 3Lo, 3Lz(fall), 3Lz, 3S, 2A, 2A1Eu2S, 2A

Chen: 2A3T(hangs on), 2A3T2T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 3Lz2T, 3Lz2T(step), 3Lz, runthru (2A3T2T, 2A3T(ur,fall), 3F(2ft), 3Lo(ur,fall), 3Lz(step), 3Lz2T, 3S), 2A(hangs on), 3Lz(fall), 3F, 1Lz(step), 3T, 3T3T(step), 3T3T

Perticheto: 2A, 3T, 1T, 3T1Eu3S(ur,fall), 3Lo(hangs on), runthru (1F, 3T1Eu3S, 2A(fall), 3Lo(fall), 2A2T, 3S, 3T(2ft)2T), 3T2T, 3Lo(fall), 3Lo(fall), 3Lo(fall), 3Lo, 3F(fall), 3F, 2A

Kihira: 3S, 2S, 3S, 3Lo, 3F(turn), 3F, 2A, 2A, 2A, 3F(hangs on)

Lim: 2A, 2A, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz2T, 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 2A), 3F, 2A(turn), 2A, 2A, 3Lz3T, 3S, 2A3T, 2A3T, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3F, 2A, 2A, 3Lz

Sakamoto: 2A, 2A, 1A(2ft), 2A3T2T, 3F(fall), 3F2T, 1Lz(step), 3Lz(e?), 2A, 3F3T, 2S, 3S, runthru (3F3T, 2A, 3Lz(e), 3S, 2A3T2T, 3F2T, 3Lo(ur?fall)), 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F2T

Mihara: 3Lo, 2A, 3Lz, 2A3T, 3Lz3T, 2A, 3F, 2A3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 1A, 3Lo, 3F, 2A3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3S), 2A, 2A(fall), 2A, 2A, 2A, 2A, 3Lz3T, 2A, 3F, 3F, 3Lo, 3F(e?), 3F, 3Lz2T2Lo

YKim: 3F(fall), 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz2T, 3Lz2T, runthru (3Lz3T, 2A(hangs on), 3F), 2A, 3F, 2A, 3S, 2Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3F, 3F

HKim: 2A2T2Lo, 3S, 3S(hangs on), 3Lo, 3Lo, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz, 2A2T, 2A3T, 2A3T, 1Lz, 3Lz, 2Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz1T(2ft), 3Lz3T(ur), runthru (3Lz3T(ur,fall), 2A, 3F, 3Lo, 3Lz3S, 2A2T2Lo), 3Lz3T(ur), 2A3T, 2A3T, 3S, 3Lz, 3Lz

Complete: 2/5 2:40 p.m. practice

Bell: 3F, 3F2T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3Lz, 3Lo, runthru (2A3T, 3Lo, 3F2T, 2A(hangs on), 3Lz2T2Lo(step), 3F, 3Lz), 2A, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz3T

Cui: 2A, 2A, 2A2T, 3S, 3S, 3S, 3T, 3T, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3F, 3F, 3Lz3T, runthru (2A, 3Lz3T, 3F(2ft)1Eu(ur?)3S, 2A2T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 3F(fall))

Leung: 3S, 2A, 3F2T, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T(fall), 3Lo, 3Lo, runthru (3Lz3T, 3F, 1Lo, 2A, 2A1Eu3S, 3Lz, 3F2T), 3Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lo(turn), 3Lz3T, 3Lo, 3Lz3T, 2A1Eu3S, 3F2T, 3Lz3T, 3F

So: 2A, 1S(step), 3S, 3S(fall), 1S(step), 3T(fall), 3T, runthru (3T, 3S(fall), marked S), 3Lo(turn)

Complete: 2/5 10:50 a.m. practice

Kihira: 3F, 2F, 3F3T, 3Lz, runthru (2A, 3F(ur?)2T, 3Lz), 3F3T, 1A, 3A, 3F3T, 3F3T, 2Lz, 2Lz(step), 3Lz3T, 3Lz(fall), 3Lz3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3A2T, 3A, 3A, 1A, 3A3T, 3Lz, 2Lz, 3Lz3T

Sakamoto: 2A, 3Lo, 3F3T, 3F(fall), runthru (3F3T, 2A, 3Lo), 3S, 2A3T2T, 3F(step), 3F2T, 3Lo, 3Lo, 2A3T2T, 3F2T, 3Lo

Mihara: 3Lo, 3F, runthru (3Lz3T(ur), 2A, 3F), 3F, 3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3Lz(ur,fall), 3Lz3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3Lz3T(ur?step), 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3F

Lim: 2A, 1S, 3S, 3Lo, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 2A3T, 3Lz3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3Lo, 2A3T, 3Lz, 3S, 3F2T2Lo, fall on stepseq), 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 1S

YKim: 2A, 3S, 3Lo(hand,ftdwn), 3Lo(ftdwn), 2A, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz(hand), 1Lz, 3Lz3T, 2A3T, runthru (3Lz3T, 3S, 3Lo, 2A, 2A3T, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3F), 3Lz3T, 2A, 3F

HKim: 2A2T2Lo, 2Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3Lz(step), runthru (3Lz(step), 3Lz(ur?)2T, 2A), 3Lz3T, 3Lz(turn), 3Lz3T(ur), 3Lo, 2A, 3Lz2T, 3Lz, 2A3T, 2A3T

Bell: 2A, 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz3T(ur?), runthru (2A, 3Lz3T(ur,step), 3F), 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz(step), 3Lz3T, 3F, 1F, 3Lz, 3F

Cui: 2A, 3S, 3S, 3T, 3T, 3T, 3Lz, 3Lz, 3F, 3F, 3Lz, runthru (2A, 3Lz3T, 3F), 2A, 2A, 3Lz2T, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T2T(<<), 3Lz(step), 3Lz3T3T, 1F(2ft), 3F, 3F3T, 3Lz3T, 3F1Eu3S, 3F1Eu3S, 3F1Eu(ur?)3S, 3F1Eu3S, 2A2T, 3Lo

Leung: 2A, 3F(ur,fall), 3F, 3Lz, 3Lz, runthru (3Lz3T(ur?), 2A, 2F(turn)), 3F, 3F, 3F, 3Lz3T, 3Lz3T, 3F, 3F, 3F2T, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lo, 3Lz3T, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3F(hangs on)2T, 3Lz, 3F2T, 3F2T, 3Lo, 2A

So: 2A, 3S, 3T, 3S, runthru (3T, 3S, 2A(turn)), 3Lo(fall), 3Lo(step), 3Lo(fall), 3Lo(fall), 3Lo, 3Lo


Complete: 2/6 5:20 p.m. practice

Cain/LeDuc: sbs3S(C fall). sbs3S2T2Lo(C 3S(ur)2T2Lo), sbs3Lo, 3Tw, runthru (3Tw)

Denney/Frazier: runthru (3Tw, thr3S), sbs3S(D ur,fall), sbs3S, 3Tw

Kayne/O’Shea: runthru (3Tw, marked sbsS, thr3Lo, sbs2A, thr3S), 3Tw

Sui/Han: thr3S, runthru (marked Tw, sbs3T2T(S hand), thr3S(ftdwn), marked sbsS, thr3F), 3Tw, thr3S, sbs3T(S hand), sbs3T2T, sbs3T2T, S solo 3S(ur,fall), sbs3S(S 2S), sbs3S, sbs3S

Peng/Jin: 3Tw, thr3S, both solo 3T, runthru (marked sbsS, sbs3T2T, thr3S), thr3S, thr3Lo, thr3Lo, P solo 3T(step), sbs3T(P step), sbs3T2T, sbs3S(P 2S, J hand), sbs3S(P ur,fall), sbs3S

Moore-Towers/Marinaro: runthru (3Tw, thr3Lo, sbs3T, marked thrS), thr3S, both solo 3S2T2T, sbs3S2T(KMT 2S2T), sbs3S2T2T

Walsh/Michaud: 3Tw, sbs3T(W hand), 3Tw

Ruest/Wolfe: 3Tw, 3Tw, sbs3T2T

Complete: 2/6 12:50 p.m. practice

Kayne/O’Shea: sbs1A, sbs2A, sbs2A, runthru (marked Tw/sbs/thr), sbs3S, thr3S, thr3Lo, 3Tw

Denney/Frazier: sbs3S, thr3Lo(ftdwn?), runthru (3Tw, sbs3S(D ur,fall), thr3Lo), sbs3S, thr3Lo, sbs2A1Aseq, thr3S, thr3S(ftdwn)

Cain/LeDuc: runthru (marked Tw/sbs/thr), L solo 3S, C solo 3S1T1Lo, C solo 3Lo, L solo 3S, sbs3Lo, 3Tw, thr3Lz(ftdwn), thr3Laz

Peng/Jin: 3Tw, thr3Lo(fall), runthru (marked sbs/Tw/thr), 3Tw, thr3S, thr3S, J solo 3T, J solo 3T, sbs3T(P step), sbs3T, sbs3T2T, sbs2S, sbs3S(P 2S), sbs2S(J 1S), sbs3S(P ur,fall, J 2S), J solo 3S, P solo 3S(fall)

Sui/Han: 3Tw, S solo 3T, runthru (sbs3T, 3Tw, marked thrF), thr3S, thr3F, thr3F, sbs3T2T, sbs3S, sbs3S(S 2S), sbs3S

Moore-Towers/Marinaro: marked jumps and thr in runthru, sbs3T, thr3Lo, 3Tw, KMT solo 3T, MM solo 3S2T2T

Walsh/Michaud: sbs3T2T2T, sbs3S(M turn), runthru (marked sbsT/Tw, sbs3S, marked thr, thr3T), thr3Lo, 3Tw

Ruest/Wolfe: marked jumps and thr in runthru, thr3Lo(ftdwn), thr3Lo, sbs3T(R step), 3Tw(low catch,ftdwn,step), sbs3T