Wagner vs. Wagner - Comparison of Moulin Rouge

Requested by a number of folks after Worlds, a look at Ashley Wagner's two career-defining skates of her now-trademark Moulin Rouge free skate. The left is her 2015 Nationals free skate, where she won her third U.S. title with the most difficult content of her career. The right is her 2016 Worlds free skate, where she won the World silver medal.

Besides the different hair colors, what's most interesting to compare between the two is the difference in the level of her skating just one year apart. She's come to be known for her storytelling and music interpretation, and that's apparent and cream of the crop in both programs. But the transitions, the ice coverage, and the intricacy of the program increased exponentially, and even the power that she achieves on her basic stroking is noticeably stronger than it was last year.

It was not just the home crowd excitement in Boston that helped her component marks - Wagner's skating has moved up a couple of notches since last year, and it's no surprise that we've seen her PCS rise all season long.